In my society, we use subclipse to manage our Maven projects in SVN.
     But now a request have been made to automatically adapt the pom.xml just after the creation of a branch.

     I began to code a new BranchTagAction to customize the way the branch are created.
     In this new BranchTagAction, i use the BranchTagOperation without modification but i force the switch tho the newly created branch.

    But i have a problem because just after the call to "branchTagOperation?run()", eclipse does not see the branch switch and so i can not modify the pom.xml files. In fact when i began to loop through the project in Eclipse, all the project remain on the "trunk" even the one for wich a branch have just been created.

    As i can see, the switch is really made at the end of the execute method of the BranchTagAction.

    So my question is : how can i code my action to be sure that the switch is well executed before i can begin the modification of my pom.xml ?

     The development is on with Eclipse 4.2 and so with Subclipse 1.8.11

     If you need more information do not hesitate to ask.

Thank you for your answers.