I am pleased to announce that Subclipse 1.10.4 has been released.  It is available via the update site and as a zipped download.  Here is the changelog for this release:

Version 1.10.4
Feb 25, 2014

from: /trunk

* JavaHL 1.8.8
* SVNKit 1.8.3
* Ensure that label decorations refresh automatically after switch. (1565)
* Improvements in nested resource support. (1567)
* Preference to control how many previously-entered comments are saved. (1569)
* Include working sets selection in checkout wizard (Eclipse 3.4+). (1167)
* Null check before all JhlConverter switch statements. (1570)
* Check that project is accessible before trying to autoshare it.
* Fix logic for finding closest property for bugtraq and other properties. (1578)


Mark Phippard