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The situation is the following:
- When Sharing a project first time, all the files and folders appears with a
question mark in the icon. Before commiting the project to SVN repository, I
want to mark certain files and folders as SVN:ignore, but this action in the
contextual menu appears disabled.

If I want to "solve" this situation, I need to do the following steps:
1. "Add to version control" the file/folder
2. "Revert" this action
3. And now the "Add to svn:ignore" action is enabled


You can't add a folder or file to svn:ignore unless its parent is versioned.  So the steps you've described are more or less what you need to do.

1.  Add the parent folder to version control.
2.  Select the child folders and files that you want to add to svn:ignore and do Revert.
3.  Select the same child folders and files again and add them to svn:ignore.