In the history view of a folder I clicked two revisions and selected Compare. In the dialog I changed both URLs the same way – they were the same (deleted two trailing  path elements: foo/bar/1/2  to foo/bar).


- The order is reversed. Added items are marked with minus sign. (this might be dependent on the order of the selection of the items in the History view)

- added files in new folders are not shown. Just the new folder is shown (with a minus sign, see previous line)

- opening an added (shown with minus sign…) file fails (two empty file contents are shown) with this messages in log (repeated 10 times for some reason):

(1234 is the older revision)


    Two versioned resources are unrelated

svn: Unable to find repository location for '' in revision 1234


    Filesystem has no item

svn: '/repos/MY/!svn/bc/1234/apple/juice/ xxx/src/main/java/a/b/ ' path not found


In the Synchronize view added/deleted items can be compared without problems (the other/missing file is shown as if empty).



Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers.


Version: Kepler Service Release 2 (Eclipse Platform v4.3.2)

Build id: 20140224-0627

  Subclipse (Required)   1.10.9


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