Last week I have an update site that can be used to install SVN 1.9 support.  The URL is:​x

For now, this is the same Subclipse 1.10.x release but with the JavaHL 1.9 plugin.  I cannot put them on the same update site and still give people the option of using SVN 1.8.x so I am going to do it this way for now. Eventually when and if we add any SVN 1.9-specific features we will change the Subclipse version to 1.12.x.

The working copies for SVN 1.8 and 1.9 are the same so otherwise there is no issue in mixing them.

I have been waiting for a few reasons:

SVN 1.9.0 had some bugs reported right away that would have impacted users so I waited for 1.9.1 to be out.  Then some issues also came in for 1.9.1 so I waited some more.  I do not think they will be as impactful and 1.9.2 is out now anyway.

I also mainly work on OS X and Homebrew has not released any 1.9 binaries yet so I have to stay with 1.8 for main environment.

I did very little testing.  This mainly just drops in the new DLL's for Windows and updates the version checks.  JavaHL API should be compatible and should still work.  It seems OK, but we'll see.  In the past the main changes that might be needed would be responding to new notifications. That will mainly show up in broken console messages if that comes up with this release.


Mark Phippard