Hello Subclipse,


According to the website, Subclipse is licensed under the Eclipse-1.0 license.


However, each download silently includes SVNKit, which is licensed under either the TMate open source license or a 6,000 EUR commercial license, neither of which is compatible with the Eclipse license. 


Eclipse appears to agree with regards to the incompatibility, see www.eclipse.org/proposals/svn, section “History”, paragraph 3.


A key problem is the following phrase in the TMate license: Redistributions in any form must be accompanied by information on how to obtain complete source code for the software that uses SVNKit and any accompanying software that uses the software that uses SVNKit.




-          If Subclipse uses SVNKit based on the TMate license, the source code for the full application (the application that Subclipse is incorporated into) must be distributed

-          If Subclipse uses SVNKit based on the SVNKit commercial license, 6,000 EUR is required for that use


The favor of a reply is appreciated – we are currently forbidden from using Subclipse based on the apparent license incompatibility.






Tom Incorvia; tom.incorvia@microfocus.com; O: (512) 340-1336; M: (215) 500 8838; Shoretel (Internal): X27015



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