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What Steve means is you cannot update a file without also having its containing folder.  So since you do not
have the folder at all, you just see the folder as an incoming change and it is assumed you will get anything
beneath it too.

We do need to make sure that there is not some scenario where updating the folder brings it in as

Generally, we tend to update from the root of our project so just do not run into things like this.

I did experiment with trying to find a way that updating could bring a folder in as depth=empty.  I tried updating at various levels, updating folders with property changes, etc.  I couldn't find any scenario that caused this to happen, except for using the "Update to version..." option and explicitly selecting that level.  If anybody discovers a recipe for such a problem, please post it.

Maybe we can revisit the feasibility of showing the children of the new folder in the synch view.  I do notice that from the command line 'svn status -u' does include them (I wonder if this has always been the case).