This topic came up before ( ), but I'm not sure it was really resolved.

In TortoiseSVN, there are a few whitespace-related options in the merge dialogs:
(The last three are radios, BTW--mutually exclusive.)

I routinely use the "ignore whitespace changes," and that affects behavior at merge time. In other words, that tends to create fewer conflicts when there are wholesale indentation changes going on.

The option "Ignore whitespace" in Eclipse don't seem to behave the same way; rather, it seems to affect what is displayed in the conflict resolution diff, rather than affecting the behavior of the automated merge, itself.

After all these years, I still need TortoiseSVN in my toolbox because of this feature; however, I'd love to drop it.

Please let me know if I've missed some option to emulate the merge (not the diff viewing) behavior in Subclipse. Otherwise, please treat this as an enhancement request.