I've been using Subclipse for probably over a decade now, but the version(s) from the 1.12 updater site have been driving me crazy.

I'm getting:

  1. Hung merges
  2. AnĀ issue with failed switches blocking any other SVN operations from running
  3. Queued SVN operations causing hangs (say I revert then switch without waiting for the revert to complete)
  4. Tree conflicts that a revert won't fix. Subclipse-invoked cleanups don't help. I have to go to TortoiseSVN to revert.
  5. Long delays in the project reflecting the new URL (in Project Explorer) after a switch (actually, that last issue goes as far back as I can remember, though an svn update post-switch seems to refresh it).

The first few issues require an Eclipse restart (or often, I have to kill the Eclipse process from Task Manager). I have to restart (or kill) Eclipse several times an hour.

Sometimes I'm forced to give up and use TortoiseSVN, but for most things, I prefer Subclipse (when it's working well).

Are others having these problems, too? If so, have you, say, downgraded your Subclipse? Have you switched to another Eclipse SVN client?