I have finished moving Subclipse to Github.  In the process, I have also overhauled the structure of the repository and setup build automation using Maven/Tycho.  To make this easier I have bumped the minimum Eclipse version to 4.2.0.

New update sites are available on bintray.com which offers a global CDN with fast downloads.

Information on the project and the update sites can be found here:


One important note.  Upgrading to the new version does not currently work.  I have not decided yet if I will fix this, or can.  With the new project, I have tried to improve and simplify the packaging so that everything you need is in the Subclipse feature and the remaining features are just for optional stuff that depends on other Eclipse plugins.  Because I have orphaned some of the old features that are no longer needed this causes upgrade to complain.

The solution is easy, just uninstall the existing features, including the CollabNet Merge Plugin before you install the new version.

I do not plan to try to migrate open issues from tigris.org to Github.  If you have open issues you think should still be fixed then re-enter them on Github.  If we have not already fixed them, there is a good chance we do not plan to.  Though it is also possible we just did not see it, so it is up to you.

With the new version, I only plan to support SVN 1.9.x client.  Other than a couple of fixes that had been committed to trunk, this new version should be the same as the last 1.10.x version in terms of functionality.  It has just gone through a new build/packaging process.

I have also included the m2eclipse plugin for Subclipse in our build process and included it on the site since a lot of people seem to want this still.

Finally, while these mailing lists will remain open, I do not plan to use them much.  For questions, just post to StackOverflow and if you want to follow releases there are mechanisms available on Github for doing that, such as RSS feeds and other tools that will let you get email notifications when a new build is posted.

Bintray.com also has a watch feature I have not used that will presumably tell you when new builds are posted.

One last thing, as part of setting this up, every commit to master now produces a new snapshot build that is posted to a snapshots repository.  So if you report a bug and we fix it, you can now get the fix immediately without waiting for a formal release to be made.