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Re: Re: [Subclipse-dev] Subclispe credential

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2009-02-16 07:28:03 PST
Message On Mon, Feb 16, 2009 at 10:21 AM, Vincent <vincent.marillau​d@airbus.com> wrote:

> In an other way, is it possible to provide credentials to Subclipse ?
> These provided credentials would come from any source (a custom UI, ...)

For the most part No. We do not have a facility for doing this. The
SVNClientAdapter library, which Subclipse uses has methods to set the
username and password, and there is a way to get a reference to the
ISVNClientAdapter used by Subclipse. So conceivably you could set
this. I cannot really say it will work though or is something that is

We basically stopped trying to do this years ago because it just
didn't work. The Subversion libraries manage the credentials and
there is not enough interaction to support providing the credentials.
For example, we used to let you enter a username/password in Subclipse
and we would set these when we call Subversion, but if the credentials
were invalid or the password needed to be changed, the experience was
very awkward. Subversion would know the credentials were invalid and
call the callback to get new credentials, but then Subclipse did not
really have any way to know this was happening so that it could update
its credentials. So the next time you try to do something we supply
the old credentials again and the whole cycle repeats.

So we just got rid of all attempts to collect your credentials and
instead we allow Subversion and its callbacks to request them when
needed and we implement those callbacks. This makes the experience
work properly and also allows the credentials to be securely stored in
one place by Subversion.


Mark Phippard

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