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[Subclipse-dev] svn not detected in linked resources ?

Author neundorf
Full name Alexander Neundorf
Date 2011-11-19 11:19:43 PST
Message Hi,

I'm the maintainer of the Eclipse CDT project generator in CMake, and we have
basically one significant problem left, and this problem is related to svn

If the Eclipse project files (.project and .cproject) are created in-source,
i.e. at the root of the source tree of the project, everything works fine.

But building in-source is not recommended. We strongly recommend to use out-
of-source builds, so sources and build are cleanly separated, and you can have
e.g. multiple builds for one source tree.

In such an out-of-source setup, the Eclipse project files (.project and
.cproject) are created in the root directory of the build tree, which is
typically a "sibling" directory of the source tree.
This looks e.g. like this:

Source tree:

And a build tree for this source tree:


In this case the source files are not present directly in the project tree
(since we are out-of-source), and instead a linked resource is created which
"points" to the source directory:

    <name>[Source directory]</name>

So via this linked resource the user has access to his source files.

The problem is that subclipse does not work with the files in the linked
resource, the "Team" stays empty.

What can be done to make this work ?

Can I do something in the created project file to make subclipse work ?
Can I add some other project or config files to make it work ?
Or can something be done in subclipse to make it work ?

Thanks for any pointers

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[Subclipse-dev] svn not detected in linked resources ? neundorf Alexander Neundorf 2011-11-19 11:19:43 PST
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