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[Subclipse-dev] Slow SVN cache updates

Author Brock Janiczak <brockj at gmail dot com>
Full name Brock Janiczak <brockj at gmail dot com>
Date 2012-04-05 15:44:01 PDT
Message Hi,
I have recently started using Subclipse (v1.8) again and have run into
unacceptable performance on one of my projects. Refreshing the
workspace can take several hours for a workspace that only contains
under 100mb of files. I have collected a yourkit profile and will
investigate further next week

The only thing odd about my setup is that i am using maven 2 and have
a nested project structure where i have one project that contains all
sub modules and i also create top level projects pointing to resources
in the top level project. ie:
Main Project
-Sub Directory 1
-Sub Directory 2
Sub Directory 1 Project
Sub Directory 2 Project

A lot of time is spent on File.exits and reading from the v3 cache
file. Heaps of time is spent allocating and garbage collecting too
and CPU usage is quite low (15% on my 4 core i7)

Since 1.8 uses svn 1.7, would it make sense to no longer use the
status cache and just call the WC api to get the status?


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[Subclipse-dev] Slow SVN cache updates Brock Janiczak <brockj at gmail dot com> Brock Janiczak <brockj at gmail dot com> 2012-04-05 15:44:01 PDT
     Re: [Subclipse-dev] Slow SVN cache updates markphip Mark Phippard 2012-04-05 16:58:33 PDT
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