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RE: [Subclipse-dev] Branch with switch customization : little problem

Author selsemore
Full name Stephen Elsemore
Date 2012-07-11 10:39:31 PDT
Message BranchTagAction runs the BranchTagOperation as a background job, so you can't modify the pom.xml file in BranchTagAction. You would need to do this in the BranchTagOperation itself, just after the SwitchToUrlCommand is run. Also, after you modify the pom.xml file, you will probably need to do a localRefresh on the resource so that Eclipse and Subclipse will be aware of your changes.

> Hello,
> In my society, we use subclipse to manage our Maven projects in SVN.
> But now a request have been made to automatically adapt the pom.xml
> just after the creation of a branch.
> I began to code a new BranchTagAction to customize the way the branch
> are created.
> In this new BranchTagAction, i use the BranchTagOperation without
> modification but i force the switch tho the newly created branch.
> But i have a problem because just after the call to
> "branchTagOperation?run()", eclipse does not see the branch switch and so i
> can not modify the pom.xml files. In fact when i began to loop through the
> project in Eclipse, all the project remain on the "trunk" even the one for
> wich a branch have just been created.
> As i can see, the switch is really made at the end of the execute
> method of the BranchTagAction.
> So my question is : how can i code my action to be sure that the switch
> is well executed before i can begin the modification of my pom.xml ?
> The development is on with Eclipse 4.2 and so with Subclipse 1.8.11
> If you need more information do not hesitate to ask.
> Thank you for your answers.

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