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[Subclipse-dev] Code license

Author mohamed_hussein
Full name Mohamed Hussein
Date 2013-04-28 09:31:26 PDT
Message Hi,

We wanted to bundle Subclipse with an eclipse-based product, but our legal department complained about licenses in some files:

1- CPL 1.0 files
The following 4 files have CPL 1.0 license header, they seem to be copied long time ago from eclipse.
The header on those files in eclipse repo now have the proper EPL reference.
Is it possible to have the headers in those files updated to EPL.
It might be helpful to subclipse as well to see if any fixes or additions have been added to those files since the original fork.


2- GPL icons (tortoise theme)
I am not sure what can be done here, I love the tortoise icons, and I understand this is a feature not a bug :)
I can easily modify the Subclipse code to remove the need for the icons, but I would prefer to leave the plugins clean, so the user can easily update it separately.
One solution that comes to my mind is to have the icon themes pluggable, and separate the tortoise icon set in a separate optional plugin.

Does any of this make sense? Do you have better suggestions?

Best Regards from an engineer assigned to deal with legal :)

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