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[svnant] Time to cut a new release?

Author dlr
Full name Daniel Rall
Date 2005-06-17 18:15:51 PDT
Message It seems that svnant hasn't had a release in quite some time. Today I
committed changes which updated svnant to use the latest revision of
svnClientAdapter (r1384), which includes changes allowing all svnant
unit tests to pass:


I'd like to release this code base 0.9.23 (per the version number in the
current build.properties), getting a version of svnant which includes a
modern version of svnClientAdapter into the hands of our users.
Apparently no new version has been officially released since July of
last year. Comments, suggestions?

- Dan

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[svnant] Time to cut a new release? dlr Daniel Rall 2005-06-17 18:15:51 PDT
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