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Spam on this list

Author travis_caldwell
Full name Travis Caldwell
Date 2005-12-20 20:17:35 PST
Message Check the archives at Tigris.org:


You can see plenty of spam in there.

The amount of spam does make the archives annoying to browse.

>Either I'm not getting emails, or my provider is filtering out >the
>Weird... but not much in the way of spam here. Bah.

>Matt Doran wrote:

> Mark Phippard wrote:
>>Martin Eckardt <martin.eckardt@m​icronova.de> wrote on 12/19/2005
>>>I saw that there is a lot of spam on this list. Is this list
>>If it
>>>isn't i want to do this job.
>>>Is there a development branch for comaptible versions of the eclipse
>>No the lists are not moderated. I think we need at least 4-5
>>to be moderators before we could make that change.
> I'm just a lurker on the list ... but I was just about to unsubscribe

> because of the amount of spam getting through. I'm subscribed to the

> much higher volume svn-dev, svn-users and tsvn lists and don't get
> spam. Unfortunately moderation seems to be a necessary evil.....

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Spam on this list travis_caldwell Travis Caldwell 2005-12-20 20:17:35 PST
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