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[svnant] .project / build.properties / Project Setup

Author jpfiset
Full name JP Fiset
Date 2006-09-12 12:36:09 PDT
Message When playing around with svnant, I always find that the project setup is
not optimum. I often like to modify the project properties, and when
doing so subversion indicates that some files were modified. I work on
many projects and each of them is setup a bit differently than the next.
However, I have found over time some principles that make a lot of
sense. I am wondering if svnant could not use them.

.project file

In the .project file, Eclipse is instructed to use the path
build/classes to generate the classes automatically. This is the same
directory as the one used by the ANT task. The problem with this is that
if someone changes his/her Eclipse properties, the class files generate
may contaminate the ANT build. I usually like to keep the two
directories separate. The .project file could be changed to use
build/bin instead.

build.properties file

In build.xml, the build.properties file is included. Because the
build.properties file is checked in, subversion reports a modified file
when a developer wants to modify the properties. Some projects use a
different approach:
- the build.xml file is defining all properties with default values
while including (before the property definitions) an inexistent
build.properties file
- A build.properties.example file is checked in with all the properties
that can be modified and appropriate comments.
- the directory where those files reside is given a svn:ignore on
This way, a developer that wants to modify the properties on his/her
local copy can simply copy the build.properties.example file to
build.properties and then modify the latter one.

Are there any objections to those changes?


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[svnant] .project / build.properties / Project Setup jpfiset JP Fiset 2006-09-12 12:36:09 PDT
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