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Author Yasaman Ameri <Yasaman dot Ameri at tempo dot com>
Full name Yasaman Ameri <Yasaman dot Ameri at tempo dot com>
Date 2007-10-30 12:57:56 PDT
Message Hi,


I have used subclipse to commit a file. Subclipse shows that the file
is successfully commited with revision 443. However when I look at the
file under Subversion, it shows revision 435 as the head ( instead 443).
I checkout the subversion in a new location and look at the file's
history. Revision 443 shows in the history, but revision 435 is marked
as a head revision.

It looks like 443 commit was not fully successful. My local copy was
successful, but the remote one was not, and Subclipse was not aware of
the inconsistency.

Would please help me understand why this has happened?

Your help in highly appreciated.



Yasaman Ameri


P.S : when I tried to update my local copy (443) with subversion head
(435) , I got checksum error. I looked at the .svn/enteries and found
incomplete tag. I deleted some lines from .svn/ enteries file, deleted
the file itself, did the update again and didn't get the checksum error

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Question Yasaman Ameri <Yasaman dot Ameri at tempo dot com> Yasaman Ameri <Yasaman dot Ameri at tempo dot com> 2007-10-30 12:57:56 PDT
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