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[Subclipse-dev] Subclipse trunk is now tracking upcoming SVN 1.8 release

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2013-05-30 06:39:18 PDT
Message This is just a heads up for anyone that uses our repository directly.

I have a created /branches/1.8.x for the Subclipse 1.8.x release
stream (current release). So future 1.8.x releases will be coming out
of that branch and not /trunk.

/trunk is now pointing at the upcoming Subversion 1.8.0 release. The
Subclipse release number will be 1.10.x

As was the case when Subversion 1.7 came out, there will probably be
several Subclipse releases in the 1.10.x series where JavaHL is the
only supported API provider. Not an issue for Windows users, but on
other OS you will need to have Subversion 1.8 JavaHL available.

It usually takes SVNKit a few months before they catch up to a new
Subversion release, but as soon as they have something we will start
including it too.


Mark Phippard
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