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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.6.18 Released

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2011-06-01 13:14:42 PDT
Message Subclipse 1.6.18 has been released. Just a couple of Subclipse
improvements in this release, but we have also updated JavaHL on
Windows to Subversion 1.6.17. This release of the client does have
some notable performance improvements for checkout on Windows when you
have a lot of files in the same folder.

Here is the complete change log:

Version 1.6.18
1 June 2011

from: /branches/1.6.x

* JavaHL binaries for Subversion 1.6.17
* Fix another SVNMoveDeleteHook schedule rule violation scenario. (1236)
* Make commit to tags path warning optional. (1238)
* Working Set cleanup menu option. (1240)
* Decorate working set. (1241)


Mark Phippard

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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.6.18 Released markphip Mark Phippard 2011-06-01 13:14:42 PDT
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