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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.8.19 Released

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2013-04-05 09:26:12 PDT
Message Subclipse 1.8.19 has been released. It is available on the p2 update
site and as a zipped archive.


Version 1.8.19
April 5, 2013

from: /trunk

* Update JavaHL to 1.7.9
* Fix NPE in SVNHistoryPage during start up when "link to editor and
selection" is selected and one or more editors was open at previous
shutdown. (1493)
* Fix open/focus of History view using shortcuts. (1491)
* Use String.replace rather than String.replaceAll when resolving
commit message. (1482)
* Provide a scheduling rule when scheduling update operation. (1494)
* Additional null proofing in decorator. (1440)
* Fix refresh of Sync view after updating all incoming changes with
Show Out of Date Folders preference turned on. (1490)
* Use MultiRule scheduling rule when refreshing status cache. (1473)
* Remove old code for storing username and password in the keyring. (1485)
* When comparing versions of a file from the history view, set the
encoding based on the local workspace resource. (1442)


Mark Phippard

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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.8.19 Released markphip Mark Phippard 2013-04-05 09:26:12 PDT
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