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[Subclipse-Announce] [Ann] Subclipse 0.9.0 released!

Author Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au>
Full name Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au>
Date 2004-02-23 15:08:29 PST
Message The latest release of Subclipse 0.9.0 has been stabilised against
Subversion 0.37. Initially packaged for Windows
, Linux and OSX will follow shortly.

Subclipse now comes as one binary for both Eclipse 2.1.x and Eclipse 3M7.


- updated for svn 0.37.0
- Issue 48 - Pending Operations View default show values are true and
also fixed NPE when trying to refresh view without anything selected
- Issue 29 - Sharing a project needing a refresh
- Issue 38 - Force delete so remotely removed files can be removed
locally as well
- Issue 42 - Fix assumption of single depth project dirs on checkout
when finding the .project file
- Issue 21 - Fixed extra repo location creation on checkout (and share)
- stopped printing stack trace when .project file cannot be found
- action org.tigris.subversio​n.subclipse.ui.openL​ogEntry does not exist
and is causing some errors in the logs
- CommandLine adapter refactoring
- Added caching of Local Resource status
- Removed use of internal Eclipse APIs and tested support of single
binary for Eclipse 2.1.x and 3M7
- Included documentation as part of the package (Help->Help Contents)

Known Issues

- When using the JNI bindings log information will not currently follow
  Waiting for patch to be applied to Subversion bindings.
  Meanwhile use CommandLine bindings to see complete log
(Window->Preferen​ces->Team->SVN​->SVN Interface)
- Compare won't work with a recently moved file.
  Subversion List also stops on copy and we use this information to
determine the most current revision.
  If the last revision was the file being moved then svn list ignores this.
  While Subversion fixes this or we come up with another way to get the
current revision, do a dummy commit on the file so SVN List will see the
latest revision

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[Subclipse-Announce] [Ann] Subclipse 0.9.0 released! Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au> Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au> 2004-02-23 15:08:29 PST
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