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Subclipse 1.4.1 Released

Author Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Full name Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Date 2008-07-07 13:00:20 PDT
Message Subclipse 1.4.1 has been released and is available on the update site
and as a zipped download.

This release fixes a number of issues that have been reported on the
mailing list and also contains an enhancement to the commit dialog to
hide unversioned files.

The changelog can be viewed online at:


Version 1.4.1
7 July 2008

from: /trunk

    * Add check box to commit dialog to hide/show unversioned files. (763)
    * Add null check to Remote Properties dialog. (765)
    * Remove build.properties from binary build.
    * Fix problem showing dialog in localized versions. (758)
    * Remember internal sash dimensions in commit dialog.
    * Fix possible ClassCastException on Eclipse 3.4. (767)
    * Add extension point to SVNKit adapter so that custom SSH
providers can be installed. (750)


Mark Phippard

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Subclipse 1.4.1 Released Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> 2008-07-07 13:00:20 PDT
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