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Subclipse 1.4.2 Released

Author Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Full name Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Date 2008-07-26 14:14:50 PDT
Message Subclipse 1.4.2 has been released and is posted to the update site. A
zipped version of the update site is also available.

This release includes the just released Subversion 1.5.1 as well as
the latest version of SVNKit Beta. This release includes a number of
enhancements including several from the community. It also marks the
return of check boxes to the commit and revert dialogs which was a
much requested item. We are also hoping the problems some users have
experienced with update/checkout on Eclipse 3.4 are not resolved.

As always the complete changelog can be viewed online at:


Version 1.4.2
26 July 2008

from: /trunk

* JavaHL 1.5.1 binaries included for Windows
* Latest SVNKit Beta release included.
* Restore use of check boxes in the commit/revert dialogs. (777)
* Add check box to revert dialog to hide/show unversioned files. (763)
* Added pre-commit check for files with errors and warnings.
* Fix resource rule problem in Eclipse 3.4 during certain operations. (656)
* Fix potential problem where .svn folders are not marked private when
deleting a folder. (771)
* Tags column missing in History view in certain cases. (775)
* Check if resource is out of synch when doing compare operations. (774)
* New file in patches showing up twice. (773)
* Specify proper peg revision when performing copies.
* Do not allow invalid URL's to cause an exception.
* Use changeset commit comment in more cases. (692)
* Reorganize Compare with menu. (778)


Mark Phippard

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Subclipse 1.4.2 Released Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> 2008-07-26 14:14:50 PDT
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