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Subclipse repository back on-line

Author Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com>
Full name Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com>
Date 2005-07-12 12:54:28 PDT
Message The new repository is now available at

NOTE: tigris.org does not support anonymous connections to the
repository. If you have the Observer role for Subclipse then you can
provide your tigris.org username and password to access the repository.
Otherwise, I am told that a guest/guest will work.

There is an anonymous interface for browsing the repository available
here: http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/source/brows​e/subclipse/

Also, the mailing list for commit emails is now
commits at subclipse dot tigris dot org. If you wish to receive these emails, then
you need to subscribe to the new address.

Finally, if you have checked out Subclipse, you need to relocate your
working copy. To do so, run a command like this:

   svn switch --relocate http://svn.collab.ne​t/repos/subclipse/tr​unk \

What I did was add the new repository location in Eclipse and then close
it. I then ran the switch command as shown abd restarted Eclipse. That
is all it took.

I have updated all of the URL's on our home page.



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Subclipse repository back on-line Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com> Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com> 2005-07-12 12:54:28 PDT
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