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Subclipse 0.9.34 Released

Author Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com>
Full name Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com>
Date 2005-09-13 06:23:10 PDT
Message This release is being made today primarily to address a problem when using
the Update action from the Synchronize view. The changelog can be viewed


Reproduced below.


Version 0.9.34
13 Septermber 2005

from: /trunk/subclipse

    * Fixed major bug in update from Synchronize view. (390)
    * The Add to Version Control operation will remove the read-only
      attribute if it is set on the local file. This can help people
      migrating from another version control tool that sets the local
      files as read-only.
    * Minor updates from code review of FindBugs tool.
    * Added some additional trace information to help find a bug in
      getResourceType() method that some users are experiencing.
    * Changed OperationManager so the progress dialogs now only catch
      notify messages. This was so that the update stats do not appear
      in the dialog anymore.
    * Improved console output when update is performed from Synchronize
      view. Statistics and summaries are held off until all updates have
      been performed.
    * Fixed bug in getInfo() of javaHL adapter. It was throwing an
      exception when info was asked for resource not yet in repository
      (e.g. added files).
    * Fixed bug in cmdLine adapter's propget(). On Windows it was leaving
      additional CR character at end of the property.
    * Reimplemented cmdLine adapter's list() command - now uses "--xml"
      argument which is reliable to parse.
    * Fixed cmdLine adapter's blame(). When both from and to revisions
      were passed, the from was always ignored.
    * removed dependency on commons-lang
    * updated to jakarta-regexp-1.4

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Subclipse 0.9.34 Released Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com> Mark Phippard <MarkP at softlanding dot com> 2005-09-13 06:23:10 PDT
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