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Subclipse 1.4.4 Released

Author Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Full name Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Date 2008-08-30 18:57:10 PDT
Message I am pleased to announce the release of Subclipse 1.4.4. This is a
fairly minor release in terms of Subclipse changes, but it does
deliver JavaHL 1.5.2 binaries for Windows. There are a number of
fixes on core Subversion that are worth installing. I also updated
out site to have the latest SVNKit release.

As always the complete changelog can be viewed online:


Reproduced below:

Version 1.4.4
30 August 2008

from: /trunk

* JavaHL updated to 1.5.2
* Extension point for adding actions to commit dialog. (786)
* Export new package we added to UI plugin in 1.4.x. (786)


Mark Phippard

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Subclipse 1.4.4 Released Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com> 2008-08-30 18:57:10 PDT
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