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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.8.6 Released

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2012-03-09 08:49:46 PST
Message I am pleased to announce the release of Subclipse 1.8.6. It is
available now on the update site and as a zipped download.

Here is the change log for this release.

Version 1.8.6
March 9, 2012

from: /trunk

* JavaHL updated to Subversion 1.7.4.
* SVNKit 1.7.0 updated to Beta3.
* Prompt to upgrade working copy when a project from an SVN 1.6.x
working copy is imported. (1347)
* Fix revert of added folders to correctly refresh decorator. (1372)
* Fix "Compare with latest from Repository" for project, when project
name is not the same as repository folder name. (1374)
* Fix Sync view refresh after file system deletions. (1369)
* Fix OperationManager to eliminate unnecessary refreshes. (1375)
* Do not pass resource deltas to another thread. (1378)


Mark Phippard
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