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Re: [Issue 12] - Proxy support not working

Author jochen
Full name Jochen Wiedmann
Date 2003-08-20 03:33:17 PDT
Message Sorry for replying via email and not by closing the request in Issuezilla.
However, I seem to be unable to attach even a comment to the issue, although
I am logged in as "jochen". At least I can find no such link or button on


The request can be closed. Indeed you are right and the reason for my
problems was that I didn't configure the svn C client properly. Looking
back, this seems obvious, because subclipse uses a native C API internally.
However, I would assume that a lot of subclipse users (who typically
have no idea about the C client and are simply downloading subclipse,
as I did) won't have an idea.

I would suggest to verify the setting of the system property http.proxyHost
in the SVN Repository view and display a meaningful warning, that the user
has to configure the C client and not the Java runtime.

Kind regards,


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Re: [Issue 12] - Proxy support not working jochen Jochen Wiedmann 2003-08-20 03:33:17 PDT
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