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[Issue 1655] New - Implement Whitespace-Ignoring Merge Options

Author jamiejackson
Full name Jamie Jackson
Date 2016-06-22 08:55:41 PDT
Message http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/issues/show_​bug.cgi?id=1655
                 Issue #|1655
                 Summary|Implement Whitespace-Ignoring Merge Options
       Status whiteboard|
              Issue type|DEFECT
             Assigned to|issues@subclipse
             Reported by|jamiejackson

------- Additional comments from jamiejackson at tigris dot org Wed Jun 22 08:55:41 -0700 2016 -------
In TortoiseSVN, there are a few whitespace-related options in the merge

* Ignore line endings
* Compare whitespace
* Ignore whitespace changes
* Ignore all whitespaces
(The last three are radios, BTW--mutually exclusive.)

I routinely use the "ignore whitespace changes," and that affects behavior
at merge time. In other words, that tends to create fewer conflicts when
there are wholesale indentation changes going on.

The option "Ignore whitespace" in Eclipse don't seem to behave the same way;
rather, it seems to affect what is displayed in the conflict resolution
diff, rather than affecting the behavior of the automated merge, itself.

After all these years, I still need TortoiseSVN in my toolbox because of
this feature; however, I'd love to drop it.


We've discussed this on the mailing list, and I've created an upstream
ticket for JavaHL to support the necessary options:

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[Issue 1655] New - Implement Whitespace-Ignoring Merge Options jamiejackson Jamie Jackson 2016-06-22 08:55:41 PDT
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