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Author "DR dot FREDSON GOMENI" <gettinsdon at zwallet dot com>
Full name "DR dot FREDSON GOMENI" <gettinsdon at zwallet dot com>
Date 2005-04-03 00:00:00 PST

ATTN: sir/madam,
I regret this informal way of contacting you which i know would be most effective with regards to the message i intend to bring to your notice.It is imperative that i have to adopt this communication means to safeguard my interest and guarantee that secrecy is not compromised.
A friend of mine who works with the chamber of commerce here in Lagos- Nigeria extended your recommendation to me. Although i did not make known to him the purpose of my inquiry.
To be precise, I am Fedson Gomeni and i have come to inherit a substantial amount of money (US$5,000,000.00) ( five million, U.S dollars) from my uncle who never had a child and whose only wife died several years back. I intend to invest this money with you or in your company.
My uncle was the director of solid minerals department, Federal Ministry of Mines. He died after a ghastly motor accident while returning from a meeting in Kenema town on june 22, 1999. I was by his bedside when he gave up the ghost and he disclosed to me secret codes and documents, which he used in depositing the said money with a security company in Accra,Ghana. He also advised that i should seek the advise of a foreign partner to invest the money abroad for better returns.
My purpose of reaching out to you is to seek your assistance on how to move this money and invest it in any viable partnership business venture in your country or any other country of your choice. You will be required to come down to Ghana for a meeting to enable you see things for yourself and also open a domiciliary account in your name through which the remittance will be facilitated. We will also draft an agreement and consider investment proposals/options. I shall gratify you with a negotiable 10% in cash of the total amount after the money is successfully transferred to your account. I will take 5% for myself as i intend to buy a home overseas and also improve my/family standard of living,5% would be set aside to take care of all expenses we may incure during the transaction. The remaining 80% or thereabout will be used to invest in a viable joint business venture as will be advised by you.
Kindly reply without delay with the e-mail addresses below and let me know your opinion on this matter. But if this proposal does not appeal to you, please keep it secret and reply accordingly.
Dr.Gomeni Fredson.

smith0099 at zwallet dot com
gomeni_fredson at myway dot com

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RESPONSE "DR dot FREDSON GOMENI" <gettinsdon at zwallet dot com> "DR dot FREDSON GOMENI" <gettinsdon at zwallet dot com> 2005-04-03 00:00:00 PST
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