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[Issue 575] Local History is lost after reverting file

Author znbailey
Full name Zach Bailey
Date 2007-08-15 08:19:11 PDT
Message http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/issues/show_​bug.cgi?id=575

------- Additional comments from znbailey at tigris dot org Wed Aug 15 08:19:11 -0700 2007 -------
I just had this bite me when doing an "override and update". I did the following:

1.) Sync'd and saw I had some conflicts on about 10 files
2.) Instead of selecting each file individually, I accidentally selected the
project root in the synchronizing view and did "override and update" expecting
it to only override and update the CONFLICTS since I was in the conflict view
(perhaps this needs its own issue?), rather than overridding and updating the
whole project. Unfortunately this proceeded to wipe out a rather large amount of
work I had done over the past couple of days.
3.) I tried restoring changes from the local history and found I could only
restore "new" files that had not yet been added to the repository. Changes on
existing, versioned files were completely wiped out and the local history was
completely wiped out too.

I am now facing the fact that I have to re-write a significant portion of some
work I've been doing over the past 2 days, which is very frustrating.

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[Issue 575] Local History is lost after reverting file znbailey Zach Bailey 2007-08-15 08:19:11 PDT
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