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[Subclipse-users] [svn] java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: &lt;init&gt;

Author ashutoshsharma
Full name ashutosh sharma
Date 2009-04-27 16:03:33 PDT
Message I am doing very basic stuff to checkout or export the source code.
following the proper syntax also but it is still failing.
This is my build.xml:
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<!-- Sample build file used to retrieve svnant's sources -->
<project name="svn-test" basedir="." default="checkoutThis">

<property environment= "env"/>

   <!-- SVN classpath -->
      <path id = "class.path.svn" >
            dir = "C://SVN Migration/svnant-1.2.1/lib" >
            <include name= "**/*.jar" />

   <!-- load the svn task -->
  <taskdef resource="org/tigris​/subversion/svnant/s​vnantlib.xml" classpathref="class.​path.svn"/>

  <target name="checkoutThis">
   <echo message="inside checkoutThis"/>
    <svn username="" password="">
      <export srcUrl="http://gcateng-nj1p.​nam.nsroot.net:9050/​svn/50262/CPBClientW​ebSite/trunk/cwsdoma​in" revision="HEAD" destPath="c://TryMaadi/domain" />


though the export command is successfull(there are contents properly being put from repository into this), but i am still gettting the following errors(please see the log files).
Please help.

With Best Regards:
Ashutosh Sharma

ashutosh2 dot sharma at citi dot com

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