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svn refactoring + version #

Author ivar
Full name Ivar Vasara
Date 2003-08-07 15:23:31 PDT
Message Hello,
I'm very excited about using subversion happily from within Eclipse and I
appreciate this development effort.

I have a few questions..

What version of the repository are the .dll's compiled against ? It's
imperative to know, since using an outdated client can corrupt the
repository (this happened to me). It would be great if this was clearly
stated for each release.
( see http://subversion.ti​gris.org/project_faq​.html#interop )

On the homepage it states subclipse "... supports most of the major
Subversion features as well as Eclipse features such as refactoring." How
does subclipse support refactoring ? Using the command line client there
seems to be no clean way of doing refactoring. When a 'move' operation is
atomic, and cannot be combined with changes.. I've been using eclipse for
refactoring (specifically moving files from package to package), deleting
the version in the repository and adding the new version. Unfortunately,
this has the side effect of deleting history.

Ivar Vasara

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