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SubClipse Bug?

Author "Markus M dot May" <mmay at javafreedom dot org>
Full name "Markus M dot May" <mmay at javafreedom dot org>
Date 2003-08-20 12:09:19 PDT
Message Hello,
I am currently using Subversion and Eclipse together. Great stuff you
have there. Anyway, when I am refactoring sources (moving sources to a
newly created package, I first have to manually create the packages and
check them in, before I can move the sources. I think this is pretty
annoying, since this could be handled (like with CVS :-)) in a one step



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SubClipse Bug? "Markus M dot May" <mmay at javafreedom dot org> "Markus M dot May" <mmay at javafreedom dot org> 2003-08-20 12:09:19 PDT
     Re: SubClipse Bug? xerus chabanois 2003-08-20 14:16:00 PDT
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