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[Ann] Subclipse 0.8.0 released

Author Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au>
Full name Daniel Bradby <dbradby at bigpond dot net dot au>
Date 2003-09-10 05:06:40 PDT
Message Hi!

Cedric and I have released version 0.8.0 of our Subversion Eclipse
plugin. Below are the changes made

- now use javahl instead of svnup
- handles SVN URLS (svn://)
- we now know the url from where the local resource was copied so
display it in pending operations view
- corrected bug : could not discard a repository anymore
- handle double-click in PendingOperationsView
- Bug 13 corrected. ConsoleView.findInAc​tivePerspective was not executed
in UI thread
- started using Eclipse update site manager

Download the release from


or point the Eclipse update manager to



Daniel Bradby

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