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checkout single file

Author "Brandl, Thomas" <tbrandl at barff dot de>
Full name "Brandl, Thomas" <tbrandl at barff dot de>
Date 2003-10-22 02:57:53 PDT
Message Hi,

obviously, I cannot checkout a single file but only whole directories.
Is this simply a missing feature or didn't I get the idea of how to use
subclipse properly (I'm a svn and cvs in general newbie!).

E.g after deleting a file from my local copy, I cannot re-retrieve it
from the repos - only the whole tree in which the file is located in!
This directory will then be created as a new project! So deleting one
file means one has to delete the whole project and check it out once

Thanks for help!
Thomas Brandl
Barff Infotainment
Grimmstr. 1
80336 Muenchen
Tel. 089 / 74 71 16-21
Fax. 089 / 74 71 16-18
tbrandl at barff dot de

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checkout single file "Brandl, Thomas" <tbrandl at barff dot de> "Brandl, Thomas" <tbrandl at barff dot de> 2003-10-22 02:57:53 PDT
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