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[Subclipse-users] [Subclipse-users] [SubClipse] - svn: '\' is not a working copy

Author LuckY07 <CJAustin81 at hotmail dot com>
Full name LuckY07 <CJAustin81 at hotmail dot com>
Date 2010-11-16 14:38:55 PST
Message I have a weird problem when using subclipse. Basically I have an SVN project
in a folder called 'Universe'.

This folder is on one of our servers and it has 6 folders inside of it. We
have connected to SVN using SubClipse and are able to commit, update to HEAD
etc. The folder 'Universe' is mapped as a network folder giving it a (X:\)
network path.

We can commit fine if we use ONE of the 6 subfolders. For example if I go
into Eclipse and click on LF_FINS (which is located at X:\LF_FINS) I can
commit everything I changed in that folder as well as update to HEAD inside
that folder.

The weird problem occurs if I want to commit changes from 2 or more folders
inside project 'Universe'. If I click on Universe (project name), then do a
Team-> Commit I receive the following error message:

Path is not a working copy directory
svn: '\' is not a working copy

Notice how I'm using 2 subfolders of X:\ (LFUTILS and LF_FINS). Any idea why
I would get this? I'm completely stumped as to why the ROOT directory of my
project won't commit the changes in its subfolders. I have to manually go to
each and every subfolder and do a Team-> Commit.

If I do a Team-> Commit on one of the subfolders it works perfect:

Transmitting file data ...
Committed revision 185.

Any ideas? Thanks.
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