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[Subclipse-users] changelist ignore-on-commit

Author Сергей Каримов <karimov_sa at mail dot ru>
Full name Сергей Каримов <karimov_sa at mail dot ru>
Date 2012-03-05 08:40:37 PST
Message This is a reply for previous post. don't know how to post a reply there...
Ok. So subclipse support changelists. good.
But I'm speaking more specifically about specially named changelist ignore-on-commit
TSVN behaviour is that any file in this changelist is not included in commit by default.
It would be nice to have this feature implemented in subclipse.
Expected scenario:
1. add some file to changelist named ignore-on-commit (via TSVN or subclipse)
2. change other files
3. commit folder (files in changelist named ignore-on-commit are shown in list but unchecked)
As for now I have to uncheck unwanted files every commit via subclipse

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[Subclipse-users] changelist ignore-on-commit Сергей Каримов <karimov_sa at mail dot ru> Сергей Каримов <karimov_sa at mail dot ru> 2012-03-05 08:40:37 PST
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