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[Subclipse-users] Tagging single file?

Author ziesemer
Full name Mark A. Ziesemer
Date 2012-10-18 18:38:43 PDT
Message We're looking to move a group of our users from CVS to SVN, and are running into a bit of an issue in one of the use cases. This is a non-Java project which doesn't follow the usual tagging conventions of tagging an entire project at once. Additionally, there seems to be some inconsistencies in the Subclipse UI (though no different than Subversive, for example) - in tagging a single file when compared to tagging multiple files at once.

For example, in a working copy project in Eclipse:

Select 2 files - Test1.txt and Test2.txt. Right-click, Team, "Branch/Tag...". In the "Copy to URL" field, enter ".../tags/testTag1". ".../tags/testTag1/Test1.txt" and ".../tags/testTag1/Test1.txt" will be created as-expected.

However - now select 1 only file - Test1.txt. Right-click, team, "Branch/Tag...". In the "Copy to URL" field, enter ".../tags/testTag2". ".../tags/testTag2" is created as a file (of "Test1.txt") - instead of the expected ".../tags/testTag2/Test1.txt". Trying to include a trailing slash (to maybe indicate a folder destination instead of a file) doesn't help.

This will cause particular problems with things like myVeryLongAndDifficu​ltToTypeFileName.txt​ - requiring the use of the clipboard or error-prone retyping to obtain the desired result. This may seem trivial here, but it's being regarded as a critical issue in terms of our SVN migration.

Is there anything I'm missing here that would simplify this? Or would this be considered a valid bug report or enhancement request?


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[Subclipse-users] Tagging single file? ziesemer Mark A. Ziesemer 2012-10-18 18:38:43 PDT
     RE: [Subclipse-users] Tagging single file? ziesemer Mark A. Ziesemer 2012-10-31 13:25:26 PDT
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