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[Subclipse-users] Odd Compare behaviour

Author zingemneire
Full name Filip Dossche
Date 2014-01-30 00:43:25 PST
Message Hi,

I am using Eclipse JUNO (CDT) with the Subclipse plugin and I have noticed something odd.

All the source files in my project are encoded as cp1252.

When I "synchronize" my version with the latest content in the repository it shows the differences correctly.

When I "Compare" the project's content with the same repository content it shows extra differences.
In particular it shows differences wherever there is a left and right double quote symbol. The local view pane shows the quote symbols correctly while the repository shows them wrongly.

Strangely enough it does not see those differences at all in the same file(s) if I do a "Compare" operation between individual files and the corresponding content in the repository.

If I "Update" the files with the content of the repository the quote symbols on the local version are perfectly OK => the repository content must be identical and OK.I have checked the binary content of the local files, the quote symbols are perfectly OK and correspond exactly to what you would expect when using CP1252 coding.

Has anyone ever noticed something similar and is there a cure for it ?

Any suggestion/help most appreciated.

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[Subclipse-users] Odd Compare behaviour zingemneire Filip Dossche 2014-01-30 00:43:25 PST
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