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Re: [Subclipse-users] Latest Subclipse (1.10.13) Unreliable

Author selsemore
Full name Stephen Elsemore
Date 2016-09-08 07:39:18 PDT
Message Also, fwiw, I fixed the problem that you referenced below (NPE when trying to switch to a bad branch) without ever being able to reproduce the problem myself.

From: Mark Phippard <markphip at gmail dot com>
Reply-To: users <users@subclipse.​tigris.org>
Date: Thursday, September 8, 2016 at 4:34 PM
To: users <users@subclipse.​tigris.org>
Subject: Re: [Subclipse-users] Latest Subclipse (1.10.13) Unreliable

As you know, we have barely modified the product in several years, so it is not like it suddenly changed to become unreliable. The only thing that is changing is the SVN client underneath it, so most likely there are some kind of behavior changes in SVN 1.9.

The version from the 1.12.x update site is identical to the one in the 1.10.x update site. One of them just contains SVN 1.8.x client and the other SVN 1.9.x. since you cannot host both versions on one update site.

So perhaps there are some code changes needed for SVN 1.9. The API has not changed but maybe its behavior has.


On Thu, Sep 8, 2016 at 10:25 AM, Jamie Jackson <jamiejaxon@gmail​.com<mailto:jamie​jaxon at gmail dot com>​> wrote:
I've been using Subclipse for probably over a decade now, but the version(s) from the 1.12 updater site have been driving me crazy.

I'm getting:

  1. Hung merges
  2. An issue with failed switches blocking any other SVN operations from running<http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/issues/show_​bug.cgi?id=1654>
  3. Queued SVN operations causing hangs (say I revert then switch without waiting for the revert to complete)
  4. Tree conflicts that a revert won't fix. Subclipse-invoked cleanups don't help. I have to go to TortoiseSVN to revert.
  5. Long delays in the project reflecting the new URL (in Project Explorer) after a switch (actually, that last issue goes as far back as I can remember, though an svn update post-switch seems to refresh it).

The first few issues require an Eclipse restart (or often, I have to kill the Eclipse process from Task Manager). I have to restart (or kill) Eclipse several times an hour.

Sometimes I'm forced to give up and use TortoiseSVN, but for most things, I prefer Subclipse (when it's working well).

Are others having these problems, too? If so, have you, say, downgraded your Subclipse? Have you switched to another Eclipse SVN client?



Mark Phippard

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