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Incorrect behavior when copying in Eclipse?

Author znbailey
Full name Zach Bailey
Date 2006-08-15 15:10:15 PDT
Message Hi,

I recently ran into a problem when copying a directory structure within
Eclipse. I had a folder structure that has a bunch of subfolders in it,
each with three subfolders inside that subfolder:

(something like this, the formatting may get munged)


I wanted to easily reproduce this structure so I copied the subfolder
with the three folders in it and pasted it into the top level folder,
such that I could recreate the directory structure without having to do
four "new -> folder" operations. During the copy the folder was renamed.

What I expected to happen was that I would have this resulting folder


Instead, once I committed, what seems to have happened is that the
contents of the "folder1/hi", "folder1/hello", and "folder1/greetings"
folder simply overwrote the contents of "folder/hi", "folder/hello", and
"folder/greetings", respectively.

Is there something I am not understanding about how this copy operation
is handled by Subclipse? I think it would be nice if that when I copied
something, the objects that resulted in the copy would be completely
unversioned - i.e. the SVN metadata is not copied in the process.
However I understand that "copy" is an Eclipse hook and not something
Subclipse may have any control over - and that the Eclipse copy probably
just performs a file-system level copy of the folder, which in turn
copies the SVN metadata.

What I would suggest is that if possible, if there is a hook or callback
for VCS plug-ins when a "copy" happens, that Subversion go in after the
copy and delete the metadata in the resulting folders such that those
assets are treated as unversioned - is this possible?

Am I thinking along the right lines or am I way off?

Thanks for any feedback you can give --


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Incorrect behavior when copying in Eclipse? znbailey Zach Bailey 2006-08-15 15:10:15 PDT
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