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svn commit: r4112 - trunk/www/svnant.html

Author jfrank
Full name Joshua Frankamp
Date 2008-11-30 22:54:19 PST
Message Author: jfrank
Date: 2008-11-30 22:54:19-0800
New Revision: 4112


updated svnant docs for the new release

Modified: trunk/www/svnant.html
Url: http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/source/brows​e/subclipse/trunk/ww​w/svnant.html?view=d​iff&rev=4112​&p1=trunk/www/svnant​.html&p2=trunk/w​ww/svnant.html&r​1=4111&r2=4112
--- trunk/www/svnant.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/svnant.html 2008-11-30 22:54:19-0800
@@ -47,8 +47,8 @@
     <h2>SvnAnt 1.1.x (bound against subversion 1.4.0) Release</h2>
     <p>There is a development release <a href="http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/files/docume​nts/906/35081/svnant​-1.1.0-RC2.zip"><b>1.1.0-​RC2</b></a​>.</p>
- <h2>SvnAnt 1.2.x (bound against subversion 1.5.0) Release</h2>
- <p>There is a development release <a href="http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/files/docume​nts/906/43359/svnant​-1.2.0-RC1.zip"><b>1.2.0-​RC1</b></a​>.
+ <h2>SvnAnt 1.2.x (bound against subversion 1.5.x) Release</h2>
+ <p>There is a release <a href="http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/files/docume​nts/906/43359/svnant​-1.2.1.zip"><b>1.2.1​</b></a>.​
     <h3>Known Issues</h3><p>There are a few known issues with this release, but all of them have been
 traced to outside this project. Command line has no known issues. Here
 are the issues by client type.</p>
@@ -58,24 +58,16 @@
 &lt;propset file=&quot;&​quot;/&gt;
-<br><br>The info task on a url doesn't work.
-&lt;info target=&quot;http://url&quot; /&gt;
-<h4>SvnKit</h4>The svnExists task does not work.
-<br>&lt;condition property=&quot;s​vnExists.local.check​edin&quot; value=&quot;true​&quot;&gt;
- <br> &lt;svnExists target=&quot;che​ckedin.txt&quot;​/&gt;
-<br><br>The svnConflicted selector selects all files, and so doesn't work.
+<br><br>The svnConflicted selector selects all files, and so doesn't work. (issues is being <a href="http://svnkit.com/tr​acker/view.php?id=28​7">tracked</a>)
 <br>&lt;fileset dir=&quot;workin​gcopy&quot;&​gt;
     <br>&lt;svnConflicted /&gt; <br>
-<br><br>The info task on a url doesn't work.<br>e.g.
-&lt;info target=&quot;http://url&quot;​/&gt;</p>
 <div class="h2" id="latestDevelopment" title="latestDevelopment">
     <h2>Latest development</h2>

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svn commit: r4112 - trunk/www/svnant.html jfrank Joshua Frankamp 2008-11-30 22:54:19 PST
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