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svn commit: r3762 - trunk/www/soc/tasks.html

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2008-03-21 12:59:31 PDT
Message Author: markphip
Date: 2008-03-21 12:59:30-0700
New Revision: 3762


Remove nested projects as SoC task

Modified: trunk/www/soc/tasks.html
Url: http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/source/brows​e/subclipse/trunk/ww​w/soc/tasks.html?vie​w=diff&rev=3762​&p1=trunk/www/soc​/tasks.html&p2=t​runk/www/soc/tasks.h​tml&r1=3761&​r2=3762
--- trunk/www/soc/tasks.html (original)
+++ trunk/www/soc/tasks.html 2008-03-21 12:59:30-0700
@@ -117,19 +117,6 @@
-<div class="h2" id="nested-projects" title="nested-projects">
-<h2>Nested Eclipse Projects</h2>
-Eclipse 3.2 introduced the ability to have nested projects. A master project that contains child projects that can also exist in your
-workspace. Subclipse has problems with that feature and this task is about fixing those problems. This problem is gaining more and more
-prominence as Maven users tend to use this feature and the popularity of Maven among Eclipse users seems to be on the rise.
-<strong>Expected difficulty:</strong> Very Difficult. Will need to really learn the internals of Subclipse to solve this problem. Despite the
-difficulty, this might not be very time consuming. It likely could be done in a few weeks of work<br />
-<strong>Related Issue#:</strong> <a href="http://subclipse.tig​ris.org/issues/show_​bug.cgi?id=656">656</a>
 <div class="h2" id="other" title="other">
 <h2>Other Ideas</h2>

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svn commit: r3762 - trunk/www/soc/tasks.html markphip Mark Phippard 2008-03-21 12:59:31 PDT
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