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Re: javahl solved

Author lamikr
Full name Mika Laitio
Date 2003-09-27 02:03:26 PDT
Message From where I can find the subclipse 0.8 for Linux you have build?
And what steps did you do with the eclipse 2.11 in order to cause the
threading problem. (Or does it appear just by starting eclipse?)


C├ędric Chabanois wrote:
> Can someone test javahl (the one from McClain Looney) with eclipse 2.1.1
> and subclipse 0.8 (mine) and tell me if it works for him ?
> I hope too that javahl patch will get in this week-end.

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Re: javahl solved lamikr Mika Laitio 2003-09-27 02:03:26 PDT
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