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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.8.13 Released

Author markphip
Full name Mark Phippard
Date 2012-07-05 07:39:13 PDT
Message Subclipse 1.8.13 has been released and is available on the update site
and as a zipped download. I also updated the SVNKit plugin to the
latest release they have posted. Here is the change log for this

Version 1.8.13
July 5, 2012

from: /trunk

* Do not attempt local refresh from move delete hook. (1430)
* Make sure reentrant lock is released if checkin fails. (1432)


Mark Phippard

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[Subclipse-Announce] Subclipse 1.8.13 Released markphip Mark Phippard 2012-07-05 07:39:13 PDT
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