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Subclipse Roadmap

This page contains information on past, current and future Subclipse releases as well as the process we follow to produce our releases.

How We Manage Releases

Subclipse follows an odd/even release strategy. So as an example, the 1.1.x and 1.3.x releases are "developer" releases for people that want to test the latest features. These culminate in 1.2.x and 1.4.x releases that will be the official "stable" releases. We do this so that we can use the Eclipse update site mechanism to easily deliver our developer releases to the users that want to use them. Historically the developer releases have been very stable and when problems do arise they are fixed quickly.

Current Releases

ReleaseDateEclipse VersionSubversion VersionDetails
1.0.02006-04-113.0 - 3.11.4.xchangelog
1.2.02007-02-133.2+1.4.xchangelog  open issues
1.4.02008-06-193.2+1.5.xall issues

The above table shows the initial release date for each Subclipse stable release as well as the minimum Eclipse version supported and the version of Subversion that is required and currently included in the latest version in that release line. The Eclipse version will never change once a release is issued (1.0.x releases will always support Eclipse 3.0). As new versions of Subversion are released we typically issue new point releases that include support for that version of Subversion (Subclipse 1.0.0 included Subversion 1.3.x but Subclipse 1.0.4 added support for Subversion 1.4.x). Once we move to a new version of Subversion we can no longer support the older versions.

Upcoming Releases

Here is some information on future releases.

Next Release: 1.6.0

We are currently continuing to refine the existing 1.4.x release and are adding new features to it. As Subversion approaches its 1.6 release milestone we will examine if we need to start a 1.6.0 release process or can add support for Subversion 1.6 in the existing 1.4.x release.

Use the following issue tracker query to get an idea what is in the 1.4.0 release.

All Issues for 1.4 Release

Beyond the Next Release

Subclipse is a mature and stable product that supports all Subversion features. Future releases will focus on improving usability. We are most actively working on adding a revisio graph feature. We sponsored work on this feature as part of Google Summer of Code 2008 and are currently focusing on getting the feature into the official release.