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Subclipse Changelog

This file documents all of the changes that have been made to Subclipse beginning with the 1.10.0 release process. Please visit http://subclipse.tigris.org/ for the latest information on Subclipse.

The latest version of this file can be viewed directly from our website at http://subclipse.tigris.org/subclipse_1.10.x/changes.html. Please note that the file on the website may contain information about changes that have not yet been made available in a release. Generally, these changes will be available in the next release but it is also possible that a change will be pulled out due to testing problems.

NOTE: As of Subclipse 1.10.0, the minimum Subversion JavaHL requirement is 1.8.0.

Version 1.10.13
March 18, 2016

from: /trunk

  • Don't set working copy depth when updating from sync view - follow up. (1648)

Version 1.10.12
March 9, 2016

from: /trunk

  • Show children of incoming folder additions in sync view. (1646)
  • Don't set working copy depth when updating from sync view. (1642)
  • Avoid redundant updates of status cache. (1540)

Version 1.10.11
February 4, 2016

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.15/1.9.3
  • SVNKit 1.8.12
  • Only include resources from active change set in commit dialog
  • Do not update recursively from Synchronize view. (1642)
  • Fix recursive revert of deleted folders from explorer views. (1643)

Version 1.10.10
August 21, 2015

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.14
  • Fix potential deadlocks between switch and other operations. (1633)

Version 1.10.9
February 12, 2015

from: /trunk

  • SVNKit 1.8.8
  • Exception proof repository sorter. (1616)

Version 1.10.8
January 7, 2015

from: /trunk

  • Use a version number-aware sort algorithm for path names. (1608)
  • Fix possible NPE on Linux startup when JavaHL is not available. (1609)

Version 1.10.7
December 19, 2014

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.11
  • Support gnome-keyring on Linux when SVN 1.8.11 is used. (1606)
  • Remove obsolete workaround that sets depth=infinite when committing folder deletions. (1607)

Version 1.10.6
October 22, 2014

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.10
  • SVNKit 1.8.6
  • Don't try to refresh closed projects. If refresh fails for any reason, log the error and continue. (1602)
  • Fix compare from history view when from/to URL are changed from file to directory or vice versa. (1597)
  • Fix URI encoding to handle square brackets. (1604)

Version 1.10.5
May 15, 2014

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.9
  • SVNKit 1.8.5
  • Fix potential deadlocks between update and other operations. (1541)
  • Don't do a local refresh after a failed commit. (1541)
  • Fix compare of multiple files to base revision when one or more file is unversioned. (1590)
  • Fix show annotations NPE when revision range includes unchanged lines. (1589)
  • Automatically map nested projects to repository provider when parent project shared. (1593)

Version 1.10.4
Feb 25, 2014

from: /trunk

  • JavaHL 1.8.8
  • SVNKit 1.8.3
  • Ensure that label decorations refresh automatically after switch. (1565)
  • Improvements in nested resource support. (1567)
  • Preference to control how many previously-entered comments are saved. (1569)
  • Include working sets selection in checkout wizard (Eclipse 3.4+). (1167)
  • Null check before all JhlConverter switch statements. (1570)
  • Check that project is accessible before trying to autoshare it.
  • Fix logic for finding closest property for bugtraq and other properties. (1578)

Version 1.10.3
Oct 16, 2013

from: /trunk

  • SVNKit 1.8.0-Beta2
  • Performance - make check for read-only file decorators optional and off by default. (1540)
  • Improvements to compare with branch to resolve tree conflict scenarios. (1549)
  • Enhance Replace with Branch/Tag dialog. (1552)

Version 1.10.2
Sept 3, 2013

from: /trunk

  • Update JavaHL to SVN 1.8.3
  • SVNKit 1.8.0-Beta
  • Fix RevisionRange passed to merge API so that it will correctly determine type of merge to run. (1544)
  • Don't log an error when trying to get info for an unversioned folder. (1538)
  • Fix SVNMoveDeleteHook so that it does not interfere with moving a file or folder to a project that is not under version control. (1536)
  • Null proof CleanupResourcesCommand. (1535)
  • Fix potential NPE in history view when log entry containing a bug id is selected (with certain bugtraq:logregex patterns). (1539)
  • Don't show multiple prompts when files from multiple projects added to svn:ignore from sync view. (1543)

Version 1.10.1
July 25, 2013

from: /trunk

  • Update JavaHL to SVN 1.8.1
  • Fix commit error when bugtraq:message is defined, but not bugtraq:label. (1526)
  • Automatically refesh SVN Properties view after property is added, deleted or modified. (1527)
  • When updating status cache, do not attempt to get statuses from unversioned folder. (1531)
  • Null proof CleanupResourcesCommand. (1535)

Version 1.10.0
June 18, 2013

from: /trunk

  • Update JavaHL to SVN 1.8.0
  • Include svn:auto-props and svn:global-ignores in list of known properties. (1512)
  • Custom decorator for moved resources. (1510)
  • Show where item was moved from/to in Commit/Revert dialogs, and Sync view. (1510)
  • Tree conflict resolution enhancements. (1517)
  • Use new inherited properties support to get bugtraq properties rather than walking the working copy ourselves. (1511)
  • Use new inherited properties support to check for DeferFileDelete property, rather than walking up the working copy ourselves. (1511)
  • Use diff --summarize to compare working copy to latest from repository. (1516)
  • Use diff --summarize to compare with Branch/Tag. (1516)
  • Fix exporting SVN Repositories preferences. (1520)
  • Fix potential deadlocks between RevertResourceManager jobs and other Subclipse jobs. (1523)